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Or rather, sell your games on our marketplace.

Dedicated just to gaming, we are building a community just for buying and selling video games. Sure, we could do what other game stores do and offer you 20-40% of what your games are worth, but we want you to keep more of what they are worth. Whether you’re a game store or a collector or just an average gamer, we want to earn your business. Don’t sell us your games, sell your games with us.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a marketplace for retro, last-gen and current games alike where you can sell your games and keep more of what you earn.

Our commitment

Have you ever gone to a games store like GameStop, and they offer you 20-30% of the value for your games? Why not sell your games on our marketplace and keep more of what they are worth? All transactions are handled by PayPal, so you know your purchase and money is safe. We also give verified game stores a badge to show they are experts in the field. We don’t allow fakes, reproductions (except third party accessories) or broken items to be sold on our platform. Our marketplace isn’t just for sellers either, it’s for anyone who loves video games.

Why choose us over eBay to sell your games?

With lower fees and the absence of predatory practices, we let you keep more of what you earn through selling on our website. We also don’t make you pay extra just to be seen by the customers by allowing listings to be promoted, you all get a fair shot to sell your games. Creating an account and selling on our marketplace is free, regardless of how many items you have to sell. Commission is only 7.5% (plus PayPal fees).

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