Yes, you read that right! Delivery to our local area is free. Not only are our prices comparable to Lukie Games, but we deliver too. We don’t send through the post office if you are local either. We deliver to you as late as the next day – not as soon as, which means your delivery is guaranteed to be made by the next day. This means you get your games faster and don’t have to worry about them being damaged by the postal service and unlike Amazon Prime, we don’t require a monthly or yearly fee to do this. Delivery is free. period. 

    Leery of a new company popping up out of nowhere? We started on eBay and have over 1,400 confirmed sales and all purchases on the Retro Games eXchange website are backed by PayPal which means you are protected. Do they cost more for us than other payment processors? Sure they do, but it’s worth it to do what’s right by the customer and we don’t pass that extra cost to our epic gamers.

    We are in testing phase for a local delivery service, delivering retro video games, consoles and accessories. We are in start-up mode and once our company grows, so will our capabilities. 

    We would like to go over some rules for our delivery service that our customers should be aware of.

     We partner with stores from around the country so local delivery may be an option for some but not others. As we expand and more stores join up, we will have more capibilities to deliver locally.

    Local Delivery is FREE from Retro Games eXchange!

    Buy one game or ten or even one hundred, the delivery fee will still be FREE.

    Any seller that is not Retro Games eXchange may have their own delivery prices or policies.

    We are closed on Sundays and we will not respond to any emails or phone calls until the following Monday. This means no delivery on Sundays as well.

    Your purchase may be delivered on the same day if they store you purchase from has that as their policy. 

    If you are in an apartment, your package will be left in the office.

    We are not responsible for stolen products. We do everything we can to make sure your products arrive safely and in good condition. We cannot use your mailbox. We will not deliver to your mailbox as it is for USPS use only so please keep this in mind when you order.

    Any special delivery instructions will need to be made on checkout if you want us to leave your package in a specific location.

    The customer will be provided with photo proof of delivery.

    By placing an order you agree to allow us to use your address to deliver purchased products to the address you provide.

    You also agree that you will not cancel your order while the delivery is in progress or after it is delivered. If you have any issues, you must contact the store you purchased from through our website or request a return through the correct portal.


*If, in any case, we are not able to make the delivery the next day, we will contact you about it and offer either a refund or a coupon for your next purchase.*

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