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Tekken 6 (Playstation 3, PS3) Details

Genre: Fighting
Release Date: October 27, 2009
ESRB Rating: Teen
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Bandai Namco Games
Model Number: #BLUS-30359
Disc Count: 1 game disc
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
UPC: 722674110228

From Executive Producer Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 6 for the PlayStation 3 is an exciting and innovative fighting game designed for both new players and longtime fans. This PlayStation game continues a tradition of the series by establishing a number of gameplay quirks for players to explore. Counters vary in complexity, and the esoteric gameplay options are available as a hidden bonus to keep fans searching for new ways to perfect their abilities. This Tekken 6 game by Bandai Namco is for use on the PlayStation 3, but it was also released for the Xbox 360. Having a number of new ways to extend combos with the massive roster of characters, it has never been easier to jump into your favorite fighting game for the PS3. The game’s plot picks up where the previous one left off. Following the victory of Jin Kazama against his great-grandfather, he gained notoriety as the new leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu company. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jin then uses the corporation’s resources in order to become a globally recognized superpower, openly declaring war on the world’s nations. With a bounty placed on Jin’s head for the sake of world peace, Jin opens a new King of Iron Fist Tournament. Countless fighters from all over the world begin to make their way to the arena, hoping to defeat him and claim the bounty. With so many events in motion, countless other smaller story arcs come to light to reveal the available characters. Those include Azazel, who has been described as one of the most difficult bosses in all of Tekken. Veterans of the Tekken PlayStation games will rejoice in one of the most comprehensive rosters of fighters available in the series. There are just enough changes made in the general move handling to provide experienced gamers with a variation on the traditional style of play. For newcomers to the series, there are numerous training modes available on this PS3 game. These can condense the Tekken experience until you are ready to test your might against more complicated modes. The expansive single-player mode possesses diverse mechanics that make learning quick and easy. Tekken 6 on the PS3 features 41 fighters with a number of old classics returning along with brand-new fan favorites. This variety boosts replayability as you fight your way through the tournaments. Veterans will be pleased to know that many returning characters have been upgraded to keep up with the new mechanics. They feature brand-new moves and subtle stance changes that allow them to keep up with all of the greats. One of the biggest additions for this PS3 game is the rage feature. Though there are several different approaches toward hit combinations and general strategies, the rage feature is designed to be available for use as necessary. A rage state typically kicks in after your character’s health bar drops to 10%. The character then glows with red light and experiences significant damage increases. It can be just what you need to defeat your opponent. The original release date for Tekken 6 was November 26, 2007. The game has been given a rating of T for Teen due in part to mild language, violence, and suggestive themes.

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