Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (Nintendo Gameboy, 1999) Cartridge


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Product Description

Pokemon Yellow (GameBoy) Details

Genre: RPG
Release Date: October 1, 1999
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Game Freak
Model Number: #DMG-APSE-USA
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color
Notes: none
UPC: 045496730895

Nothing says Pokémon like Pikachu does. The little yellow creature has been almost synonymous with the game since its inception. Pokémon Yellow for the Game Boy is a love letter to the adorable yellow rodent. Instead of choosing a Pokémon at the beginning of your quest, you receive a Pikachu. Just like in the anime, this Pokémon never leaves your side or enters a Pokéball. He will constantly follow behind you throughout your whole adventure. This creature will also not evolve, just like his anime counterpart. He has higher statistics in battle than other wild versions. Depending on your actions throughout the game, your Pikachu will either come to love or dislike you.The addition of Pikachu as your starting Pokémon isn’t the only change in Pokémon Yellow. Your in-game character will have the same role as Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon show. Other cartoon characters will also make their video game debut in this Game Boy title as well. James, Jessie, and Nurse Joy all appear and are just like you remember them in the cartoon. Your rival character also has a different lineup. In Pokémon Yellow, your rival will primarily use Eevee instead of the normal starting Pokémon. Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle can all be on your team at the same time, just like in the cartoon.The gameplay in Pokémon Yellow is similar to past Pokémon Nintendo games. Like in Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red, the Yellow version tasks players with two goals. The first is to defeat the Elite Four and become the Pokemon Champion. The second is to fill your Pokédex with all 151 Pokémon, including Mew. The two goals will often intersect, but to defeat the Elite Four, you need a team of Pokémon. While Pikachu is strong, he isn’t able to get the job done by himself. By walking in tall grass and fishing, you can find Pokémon to catch. Weaken them in battle and catch them with a Pokéball to add them to your team. As Pokémon grow in strength, they learn new moves. When specific conditions are met, your monsters can even evolve into brand-new forms. There is a total of eight gyms you must defeat before you can fight the Elite Four. Each gym uses a specific type of Pokémon. Strength alone isn’t enough to win. You will also need to use strategy as well.Like other Pokémon games, there is a third goal in Pokémon Yellow. The evil Team Rocket will show up in various locations in this version of the game, such as Cerulean City. Their objective is to cause chaos wherever they go. You will need to stop this evil group wherever they show up if you want to continue with your quest. This Pokémon version was developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. It has an original release date of October 18, 1999. You can also play this game on a Game Boy Color. When you play it on a GBC, the splashes of colors used make this Nintendo game resemble the look of the show. This special edition of a classic RPG is fun for gamers of all ages.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1 in
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