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Call Of Duty Black Ops II (Playstation 3, PS3) Details

Genre: FPS
Release Date: November 13, 2012
ESRB Rating: Mature
Publisher: Activision
Developer: none
Model Number: #BLUS-31011
Disc Count: 1 game disc
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
UPC: 047875843837
  • You can prevent a cold war between the United States and China in “Call of Duty: Black Ops II for the PlayStation 3.” From the visionaries at Activision, this 2012 installment of the “Call of Duty” series looks into the future by putting you into the role of David Mason, the son of previous hero Alex Mason. David is on a quest to stop an old enemy, Raul Menendez. In “Black Ops II,” a computer attack shuts down the Chinese Stock Exchange, and China cuts the world off from access to its rare earth minerals. Cyber warfare, drones, and robots are a major element in this edition of the franchise. You will visit diverse places like Yemen, Singapore, and Los Angeles. You can choose multiple paths to finish the storyline, each of which has a unique ending that depends on your choices. Zombie action also returns in Black Ops 2, this time with a longer storyline and a new eight player mode called “Grief.”Developer Treyarch may have brought some of the most realistic war action to life in “Black Ops II” for your PS3. Whether you are a novice or expert gamer, this “Call of Duty” quest can have you hooked from the start. You can jump online to play the game with friends in Canada, the United Kingdom, and around the world. Or, you can invite your local friends over for some fun annihilating enemies and saving the world from destruction. Up to four of you can play on the console at once. If you are looking for a way to enhance your own skills so that you can come out with guns blazing and stun your friends, “Black Ops II” has an option for a private match with zombies online. You can simply choose your weapon, opt for solo, and go to town on those evil dead. This version of the PS3 game also introduced a create a class system for your weapons. This can allow you to choose your weapon loadout as you wish. You can also opt out and engage with only a combat knife, which gives you more room for equipment.If you are a veteran player of the “Call of Duty” game series, you can love the fresh experience in “Black Ops II.” Multiplayer and Zombie modes have been altered to give you different choices and a completely distinct feel. As part of the new features, there are three small maps in Zombie mode that connect to one big map in TranZit. There are also stats tracking and leaderboard features in the game that give you the opportunity for much deserved bragging rights. “Black Ops II” even has a matchmaking system that will team you up with players of the same skill level in the public option, which can allow you to up your ability. As a first-person, multiplayer shooter video game on the PS3, “Black Ops II” features all the cutting-edge weaponry to be expected from the “Call of Duty” franchise. This isn’t just a game. You aren’t just a player. This is full-on black ops warfare, and you can be the hero in this game. Get Black Ops 2 now, and experience this truly challenging game.
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